DJ Music List

Each version is a handy checklist of songs grouped by genre and indexed by artist,
with the chart year and a check box next to each title. Preview the Sample Pages below.

Perfect for selecting requests for your DJ's playlist at your wedding reception, party or dance,
or for DJs to find out which important tracks are missing from their own music collections.

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Top 500

The Top 500 most
requested songs played
by American mobile DJs
(30 pages)

Sample Pages



Over 2,000 songs
that should be in every
mobile DJ's collection
(99 pages)

Sample Pages


Greatest Hits

Over 10,000 songs
including the Essentials plus more Top 40 hits
(389 pages)

Sample Pages



Over 20,000 songs
including the Greatest Hits
plus more charted titles
(727 pages)

Sample Pages




The BPM List, 7th Edition (2011) contains nearly 24,000 songs indexed four ways (BPM, Style, Artist, or Title). Now with an Essentials, Tropical Latin, and Expanded Edition.

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